Taiko Experience for Canadians

Calling all Canadian Citizens in Japan!

Okaya City has been designated as a Host Town for the Canadian Olympic Table Tennis Team for the Tokyo Olympics. In order to deepen ties with Canada for 2020 and beyond, Okaya City warmly welcomes Canadians who are living in Japan to join this year’s annual Taiko Festival in August. Participants will learn how to play Taiko with none other than Mr. Makoto Yamamoto, one of the most respected Taiko artists in Japan, prior to the festival (for more information on Osuwa Daiko, please visit http://osuwadaiko.com/home/). There will additionally be opportunities to experience different areas of Okaya before performing on the main stage together with 500 people. If you are a Canadian living in Japan, you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity!  

Please read the information below for more details and to download the application form and schedule. 


Connecting Canada and Okaya Through Taiko

Okaya City 50th Annual Taiko Drum Festival (August 13)
A One-of-a-kind Taiko Experience for Canadians Living in Japan


To celebrate more than 90 years of Canadian-Japanese relations as well as the 50th anniversary of the Okaya Taiko Drum Festival, Okaya City, an official Host Town for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, is organizing different ways in which to deepen its relationship with Canada and promote exchange between the two countries. For more information on the Taiko Festival and Okaya City, please visit their respective websites: http://okaya-taiko.jp/ (Japanese), http://www.city.okaya.lg.jp/ (Japanese, English)



We are looking for Canadians in Japan who are interested in being a part of the 50th Annual Okaya Taiko Drum Festival on Tuesday, August 13 where they will perform together on the main stage with 500 other performers. 


Application Process

Capacity: 10 people
              (participants will be selected in the case that more than 10 people apply)

Applicant Age: 20 years old and up
       (Please contact the Center if you want to participate with your family)

Deadline: Friday, May 31   ※Please apply using the separate forms provided.                                 

Notification: Monday, June 10      (participants will be contacted via email or post)


① Participants will meet August 12 at 2:00 p.m. at the Hotel Crown Hills (https://breezbay-group.com/okaya-ph/). The event will conclude on August 14 after eating breakfast (please refer to the schedule).

②  Travel expenses to Okaya are the responsibility of the individual.

③  The 2-night hotel fee for August 12-13 will be paid for by Okaya City.     

④  Dinner on August 12 (Koen Chinese Restaurant), breakfast at the hotel and the BBQ lunch at Yamabiko Park for August 13 (http://yamabiko.okaya-park.com/), as well as the hotel breakfast on August 14 will be paid for by Okaya City. Participants will only be responsible for their dinner on August 13.

⑤  Participants will be gifted a happi coat, which they will wear for the performance.

⑥  We ask that participants refrain from drinking alcohol until dinner on August 12 and after the onstage performance on August 13. 

Application form: Application Form.pdf

Event Schedule: Event Schedule.pdf

Please send all materials via email (oiea@oiea.jp) or fax (0266) 24-3229