Notice on How to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

Following a recent increase of positive cases of the Novel Coronavirus in Nagano Prefecture, the Prefectural Government has reissued a brief list safety measures we can all practice to prevent further spread of the infection. Please feel free to read and download the notice in English below.


The notice is also available in Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog (Filipino), Thai, and Korean.


【英語】コロナチラシ.pdf (English) 

【日本語】コロナチラシ.pdf (Japanese)

【中国語】コロナチラシ.pdf (Chinese)

【ポルトガル語】コロナチラシ.pdf (Portuguese)

【タガログ語】コロナチラシ.pdf (Tagalog)

【タイ語】コロナチラシ.pdf (Thai) 

【韓国語】コロナチラシ.pdf (Korean)