"Hello Okaya" Newsletter


The Okaya International Center publishes HELLO OKAYA, a newsletter for foreign residents four times a year. In addition to introducing aspects of Japanese culture, the newsletter also features various kinds of information relevent to foreigners living and working in Okaya.

The newsletter is published in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian and Japanese.

To read the latest edition of the newsletter online, please click on the following links. For past editions of the newsletter, please contact us. 

Winter 2018 Edition:

Hello Okaya  (English)

Hello Okaya (Japanese)

Hello Okaya (Chinese) 

Hello Okaya (Portuguese)

Hello Okaya (Indonesian) 









Hello Okaya(日本語)秋2014.docx

Hello Okaya(中国語)秋2014.docx

Hello Okaya(英語)秋2014.docx

Hello Okaya(ポルトガル語)秋2014.docx

Hello Okaya(インドネシア語)秋2014.docx



Hello Okaya(日本語)夏2014.docx

Hello Okaya(中国語)夏2014.docx

Hello Okaya(英語)夏2014.docx

Hello Okaya(ポルトガル語)夏2014.docx

Hello Okaya(インドネシア語)夏2014.docx



Hello Okaya(日本語)春2014.docx

Hello Okaya(中国語)春2014.docx

Hello Okaya(英語)春2014.docx

Hello Okaya(ポルトガル語)春2014.docx

Hello Okaya(インドネシア語)春2014.docx



Hello Okaya(日本語)冬2014.docx

Hello Okaya(中国語)冬2014.docx

Hello Okaya(英語)冬2014.docx

Hello Okaya(ポルトガル語)冬2014.docx

Hello Okaya(インドネシア語)冬2014.docx