The Okaya International Center is always looking for people to become international exchange volunteers. With the help of people in the community, we strive to create an association that meets the needs of today's multicultural society. Why don't you join us? Registering is simple! All you need to do is to fill out the volunteer registration form. We need volunteers for various activities.

Volunteer Activities

  • Translation and interpretation (international exchange events, helping foreign residents with administrative procedures)
  • Event-planning (Planning events together with the Okaya International Center staff)
  • Running of Events (Reception, venue set-up, etc.)
  • Cooking, sports and other similar activities (Teaching at schools or other international awareness seminars in the community)
  • Home-stay or home-visit (from sister city, or other overseas guests) and helping out with other Okaya International Center activities.

How to register as a volunteer

Download (either pdf or doc file type) and fill out the registration form and send to Okaya International Center by fax or email 
Volunteer Registration Form (PDF)  
Volunteer Registration Form (DOC)