Child Welfare Allowance

Child Welfare

Child Allowance "Kodomo Teate "

What is "Kodomo Teate"?
Kodomo Teate, or Child Allowance, is a monthly allowance of JPY13,000 for each child of junior high school age or younger. The allowance is payable to the parents or guardians of such children. 

The Kodomo Teate allowance will be paid after the parent/guardian's local municipal government office certifies the eligibility for payment. There are three periods of certification each year: in February, June, and October. The amount payable is, in principle, for all eligible previous months. The payment will be made directly to the claiming person's bank account.

Who is eligible for the Kodomo Teate allowance?
Mothers or fathers who are taking care of a child, living with them and supporting them financially, are eligible for the allowance.

In cases where the parents do not take care of the children themselves, those who are actually taking care of the children and maintaining residence with them are eligible to claim the Kodomo Teate allowance.

How does one obtain the allowance?
Application for the allowance must be made at the city office.

To apply, fill in a "Kodomo Teate Nintei Seikyusho (Child Allowance Approval Form) and submit the necessary supporting documentation to the city office.

Necessary supporting documents include the following: 
(1) a copy of one's health insurance card (e.g. National Health Insurance certificate) 
(2) a document showing the account number of the financial institution that you prefer to use for transfer of the money (e.g. a copy of your bank passbook).

If you have any questions about the necessary documents, the application procedure, or any other matter relating to the Kodomo Teate allowance, please inquire at the Child Affairs Division. 

If the number of eligible children in your family allowance changes, for example due to a newborn baby, you must submit a "Kodomo Teate-gaku Kaitei Nintei Seikyusho (Child Allowance Amount Revision Approval Form) to the city office.