Education in Okaya


Nursery Schools (Hoikuen)/Kindergatens(Yochien)

For those households where both parents work, day-care facilities exist for children aged 6 months to 5 years. There are 16 municipal nursery schools, each with different age limits and hours of operation. For more information contact the Child Welfare Division in the City Hall. Tel: 23-4811 ext. 1262 (Japanese)

Name Address Telephone
Oguchi Hoikuen 1-4-18 Ginza, Okaya 22-2489
Imai Hoikuen 6189-1 Osachi, Okaya 22-2935
Ayame Hoikuen 1-10-3 Osachi, Okaya 22-2680
Kawagishi Hoikuen 2-7-14 Kawagishinaka, Okaya 22-3829
Natsuake Hoikuen 1-18-16 Kawagishinishi, Okaya 22-3861
Narita Hoikuen 2-10-6 Narita-cho, Okaya 22-2464
Minato Hoikuen 3-6-50 Minato, Okaya 22-3566
Osachi Hoikuen 1-7-29 Osachi Shizume, Okaya 27-4194
Wakakusa Hoikuen 3-8-28 Kamocho, Okaya 22-4038
Nishibori Hoikuen 1-6-4 Horinouchi, Okaya 22-7670
Higashibori Hoikuen 2-3-1 Osachigosho, Okaya 27-9366
Shinmei Hoikuen 4-4-11 Shinmeicho, Okaya 22-4555
Yokokawa Hoikuen 3-4-16 Osachi Izahaya, Okaya 28-1180
Tsurumine Hoikuen 3-14-13 Kawagishikami, Okaya 22-2911

There are also 4 private kindergartens (Yochien) and 2 private nursery school in Okaya. Please contact them at:

Name Address Telephone
Seibo Yochien 2-3-26 Daiei, Okaya 22-5090
Tachibana Yochien 4681-1 Osachi, Okaya 27-6585
Mizuho Yochien 1-8-13 Chuo, Okaya 22-3806
Jacob's Yochien 6159-1 Imai, Okaya 22-2618
St. Joseph's Hoikuen 1-1-37 Yamashita-Cho, Okaya 24-1477
Himawari Hoikuen 2-8-30 Osachi Gonngen-Cho, Okaya 27-2816


Elementary and Junior High School

The Japanese educational system consists of six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of high school and four years of university(two years for junior college). Compulsory education in Japan comprises of elementary (children enter at age six) and junior high school (graduate at the age of 15) - a total of 9 years. The school year begins in April and ends the following year in March.

Guardians who wish to have their children enrolled in school must first apply for permisssion. Please fill out the application for and return it with your child's Alien Registration Card to the School Education Division at City Hall. Tel: 23-4811 ext. 1452 (Japanese).

There are 8 elementary schools and 4 junior high schools in Okaya. These municipal schools are free of charge.

Schools provide school lunches, so students do not need to bring their lunch.

Elementary Schools (Shogakko)

Shinmei Shogakko 
Oikawa Shogakko 
Minato Shogakko 
Kawagishi Shogakko 
Okaya Shogakko 
Tanaka Shogakko 
Osachi Shogakko 
Uenohara Shogakko

Junior High Schools (Chugakko)

Okaya Hokubu Chugakko 
Okaya Tobu Chugakko 
Okaya Nanbu Chugakko 
Okaya Seibu Chugakko

Senior High School

There are three types of high schools - full-time, part-time and correspondence. To enter high school, graduation from junior high school is required and ordinarily an entrance examination is held. In order to take the entrance exam the following conditions are required. 
1. Over 15 years old. 
2. Graduation from a Japanese junior high school or equivalent from another country.

For details contact the individual high school or the Nagano Prefecture Board of Education. Tel: 0262-35-7428 (Japanese)