From the JR Okaya Station you can travel north to Matsumoto and Nagano; east to Kofu and Tokyo; and west to Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. 
"Azusa Coupon" - This discount ticket offers a considerable savings tickets from Okaya to the Tokyo metropolitan area. This special express ticket is valid for three months, but not valid for use during golden week, obon (mid-August), year-end and new year.


Local buses are usually boarded from the rear, but sometimes also from the front of the bus. Passengers take a ticket from the dispenser upon boarding. There is a fare board at the front of the bus indicating fares which correspond to the number on the ticket taken upon boarding the bus. When the bus approaches your bus stops, push the button near your seat to indicate you want to exit. When exiting, put the appropriate fee along with the ticket in the fare box located next to the driver's seat. There is a change machine next to the fare box.

Silky Bus

Okaya's local bus service. Fare: Adults - 150yen; Children - 80yen. Please refer to the Silky Bus pamphlet available at the OIEA office in Japanese, English and Portuguese.

Long distance buses

There are express buses from Okaya to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Nagano. The Okaya to Tokyo fare is 3,060yen one-way and 5,500yen round-trip. Reservations are necessary and can be made at travel agencies and the Express Bus Reservation Center. Tel: 0266-57-3131(8:00-19:30) (Japanese)


The basic fare of a taxi is 700 yen. The taxi is available if the red sign is lit; not available if the green sign is lit. The fare is 20% higher between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM.

ALPICO Taxi - Tel: 0266-21-1181 (in Japanese) 
Nakayama Taxi - Tel: 0266-23-4011 (in Japanese)

Airport Taxis

It may be more convenient to use a shared-taxi when going to the airport. 
>Alpico Taxi (Centrair) Tel. 0266-711758 
>Chuo Taxi (Centrair, Narita, Haneda) Tel. 026-282-7777 
*Airport Taxis can pick you up or drop you off at your doorstep. 
*You need to make airport taxi reservations ahead of time.

Fukushi Taxi

Welfare taxi service - Please contact the Social Welfare Division in the City Hall for more information. Tel: 23-4811 (ext. 1252) (Japanese)

Driving in Japan

As of April 2002, international driver's licenses may be used for up to 1 year during your first year of residency in Japan. If you want to continue using an international driver's license, you must leave Japan for at least 3 months. Otherwise, you MUST acquire a Japanese driver's license.

Japanese Driver's License

Foreign driver's licenses can be exchanged for Japanese licenses. The following documents are required. 
- Passport 
- Foreign Driver's license - the license cannot be exchanged if you have only held it in your country of origin for less than three months. If the date of issuance is not written on the license, proof of the date received must be included. 
- Japanese translation of the foreign driver's license - It must be translated by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). Contact the JAF in Matsumoto 
- A certified copy of your Alien Registration. 
- One photograph 3cm x 2.5cm. 
Call the Kotsu Anzen Center for an appointment. 
Please take a Japanese-speaking friend for assistance.

Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) - Go to this page for more details in Chinese, English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. Also special instructions for driver's licenses issued in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Taiwan.

Automobile Insurance

There are two types of automobile insurance; one is compulsory and the other is voluntary. It is recommended that you take out a voluntary liability insurance policy for your added protection. For more information contact a local car dealer or insurance company.

An insurance certificate is required for car inspection and registration.

Traffic Accidents

If you are involved in a traffic accident, you must inform the police.

Take the following steps: 
- Help anyone who is injured. 
- Inform the police. 
- Verify the name, address, working place and telephone number of the other party. 
- If you require eyewitness evidence, record their names, addresses and telephone numbers. 
- Make notes about the accident. 
- Inform your insurance company.