Translation and Interpretation

Translation and Interpretation

The Okaya International Center offers translation and interpretation services. Fees may be charged depending on the service and language. Please read the information below for more details. 


One of our staff members will do the translation. We accept the translation of birth certificates, family registers, residence certificates, marriage contracts, divorce certificates and other official administrative documents. However, please note that we CAN NOT translate private or technical documents. If you have any questions regarding these types of documents, please contact us for further information. 

Languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog, etc. 

Fee: A4 size document: 3,000 yen per page*. 

* The amount written above is the standard average fee, but we need to see the document beforehand. 

* You need to come to the Okaya International Center office for us to check any clarifications that may be needed. 
* An A4-size document typically takes about 1 week per page.


One of our staff members will serve as the interpreter. 

Languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, Tagalog, etc. 

Fee: Contact Us